Q: Can I buy your cheese online?

A: No, our cheese is not currently for sale online but if you haven't found it in a shop near you please get in touch and let us know what you are after so we can try to find a way to get it to you.


Q: Is it artisan cheese?

A: Yes, all our cheeses are made in a traditional, non-mechanised way using milk from local farmers and we age them in our own maturing rooms.


Q: What or where is Toggenburg?

A: Toggenburg is a mountain region in the Eastern part of Switzerland. It is tucked away in the canton of St.Gallen. Come visit us some time!


Q: What is the difference between Roter Teufel and Gwitterchäs?

A: Gwitterchäs is higher in fat content as we add additional cream to the milk in the production process. From 4.1% fat milk, Roter Teufel ends up with 54% fat, while Gwitterchäs, with the addition of cream to the milk turns into 58% fat cheese. On top of that the maturity also makes a difference by increasing the taste.


Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

A: This depends on where you want us to ship to. For the UK we generally cannot ship less than one pallet at reasonable prices. That is 60 cheeses or roughly 450kg. But several orders could be combined into one.