When Reto took over the dairy from his father, he developed his own cheese cultures. This is one of the first cheeses he produced from those cultures. It's a dense, creamy cheese with a herbal aroma that arises during the fermentation.

The King of the First is named after the Churfirsten mountain range where it's made.


All our cheese is made exclusively with Swiss milk. For those who prefer organic produce we've gone one step further and also offer a selection of organic cheeses. Firstkönig Bio is one of those, made of 100% organic Swiss cow's milk. 



Firstkönig Bio 6+ is made of 100% organic milk and we mature it for a minimum of 6 months. 

All our organic cheeses are made in the traditional dairy in Mettlen, Müselbach which is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2018, according to the BIO-SUISSE guidelines on organic food production.





Bio 6+
Shape, size, weight: Round, 6.5–7kg    
Milk: Cow’s milk, unpasteurised Organic cow’s milk Organic cow’s milk
Aged for: Min. 10 weeks   Min. 6 months
Fat content: Min. 54% FDM Min. 53% FDM Min. 53% FDM
Hardness: Semi-hard    
Rind: Washed rind, light brown (not edible)    
Cheese colour: Ivory    
Holes: Sparse, clean, regular    
Flavour & texture: Clean, mildly aromatic flavour with a soft tender texture   Spicy aromatic flavour with a soft texture
Certificates: Suisse Garantie, Alp & Berg, Fromarte Culinarium Suisse Garantie, Alp & Berg, Fromarte Culinarium, Bio Suisse Suisse Garantie, Alp & Berg, Fromarte Culinarium, Bio Suisse