When a Güntensperger apprentice added too much cream to the mixture Reto decided to mature it anyhow. The surprising outcome is this aromatic mountain cheese with an exceptionally creamy texture. It pairs well with pickles or meat.

Exceptionally creamy
mountain cheese.

Gwitterchäs Bio

For those with a preference for organic produce we also make an exclusive organic version of Gwitterchäs. Gwitterchäs Bio is based on the same recipe but made with 100% organic cow's milk, certified by Bio Suisse.



  Gwitterchäs Bio
Shape, size, weight: Round, ca. 30cm diameter, 6–6.5kg  
Milk: Cow’s milk, unpasteurised Organic cow’s milk
Aged for: Min. 7 months  
Fat content: Min. 57% FDM  
Hardness: Semi-hard  
Rind: Washed, golden brown (not edible)  
Cheese colour:  Ivory  
Holes: Sparse, clean, regular  
Flavour / texture: Strongly aromatic flavour that arises through the combination of fermentation and brine; creamy texture  
Certificates: Suisse Garantie, Alp und Berg, Fromarte Culinarium Suisse Garantie, Alp und Berg, Fromarte Culinarium, Bio Suisse