Our goat's cheese Toggenburger Ziege is matured for a minimum of 4 months before it leaves our cellars. Most of the milk for this cheese comes from the Toggenburg breed of goat. The breed has been known and loved by farmers since the middle of the 19th century. The farmers raise the goats in kidding pens. In the summer they are lead to the alp and nearby pastures where they can graze freely. The grass mixed with alpine herbs and the fresh air provide the ideal conditions to keep this breed of goats.

The Toggenburg is our local breed of goat, famous around the world.


Shape, size, weight: Round, ca. 20cm diameter, ca. 2.5kg
Milk: Goat's milk, unpasteurised
Aged for: Min. 3 months
Fat content: Min. 49% FDM
Hardness: Semi-hard
Rind: Washed, golden brown (not edible)
Cheese colour: White to ivory
Holes: Very sparse but welcome
Flavour / texture: Mild, pure flavour and tender texture
Certificates: Suisse Garantie, Alp & Berg, Fromarte Culinarium, ADR