This unique semi-hard Swiss goats cheese is produced with milk from the renowned Toggenburg goats that still roam free in the unspoilt Alpine landscape of the Toggenburg valley where they spend their summer. It is mild in taste with a surprising texture and works well paired with dried fruit and compote. 

Ziegenkönig is German for king of the goats.


Shape, size, weight: Round, ca. 20cm diameter, ca. 2.5kg
Milk: Goat’s milk, unpasteurised
Aged for: Min. 6 weeks
Fat content: Min. 49% FDM
Hardness: Semi-hard
Rind: Washed, golden brown (not edible)
Cheese colour: White to ivory
Holes: Very sparse but welcome
Flavour / texture: Mild, pure flavour and tender texture
Certificates: Suisse Garantie, Alp & Berg, Fromarte Culinarium, ADR